Who Cares? Great Gifts for Doctors

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but what do you get for the good doctor or surgeon who helped you get better, bring a healthy baby into the world, or takes care of your loved ones? Or, what about the nurse who needs a great gift for Doctor Awesome? We know: Cookies! Finding gifts for doctors doesn't have to be difficult. Doctors take care of people every day, so take a little time to show them some care. Reward a great bedside manner with some freshly baked appreciation.

gifts for doctors

Cookies are Good Medicine!

Sometimes we all have bitter pills to swallow, but a great doctor makes us feel better. The Cookies are Good Medicine motif for cookie baskets, bouquets, and BouTrays are sweet rewards for the doctor who makes get-well well-done.

All Better Now! Thank You from a Patient

gifts for doctors and gifts for hospital staff

The best gift for doctors is the recovery of a patient. Show your doctor what they want to see--a happy, healthier you--while saying thanks with a personalized Cookies Are Good Medicine Photo Bouquet. Have a big smiley picture of yourself put doing better-than-ever on the center cookie. Did you get a great knee surgery? Have a photo of yourself out for a nice walk! It's a little connection that keeps the good jobs going.

Diagnosis: You're Great!

This adorable motif is a fabulous cure-all for the humdrum routine. Check-up on the happiness levels of your favorite doctor, nurses, hospital staff, or patients with this adorable way to say you care. And the whole staff is sure to enjoy the sweetness of a job well-done.

Sensational Surgeons

Can you bear-ly believe how much better you feel? Do you work with a surgeon who has a heart of gold? Surgery is scary, which is all the more reason the comfort and bedside manner of a great surgeon can be an emotional lifesaver. The Build-a-Bear Cookies Are Good Medicine bouquet is a thoughtful gift for surgeons who have made the extra effort to make hospitals a better place to be.

Doctor's Day

We at Cookies by Design think happiness is vital to keep the workplace happy and healthy, so we help you sweeten the days your doctor spends caring for others. This delicious Drs. Day Cookie Bouquet gift for doctors is especially well-suited to those people who rushed ahead, put in extra time, and took care of others in emergency situations. It is perfect for that ER Doctor you know puts so much of their heart into long, hard hours.