What to Buy for a Baby Shower Gift

what to buy for baby

Gifts for a baby shower fall into two categories: baby clothes and more baby clothes. No matter how cute these items may be, babies quickly outgrow the onesies and footed pajamas. Instead of something blue, pink, or cliched, consider bringing a more thoughtful baby shower gift.

9 Ideas for What to Buy for Baby Shower Gifts

1. Treats

No matter where you're attending a baby shower--at a friend's home, a restaurant, or an event space--you can have an adorable bouquet of colorfully decorated baby-themed cookies from Cookies By Design delivered. Everyone will love these delectable baby shower cookie gift baskets hand-designed for the occasion.

2. Handmade Items

You don't have to be a professional crochet artist to make something unique for the baby and mama-to-be. Anything handmade or with sentimental value will be cherished by the growing family. Even a thoughtfully curated baby-soothing playlist or a digital photo album of shared times can make for a kind (and inexpensive) gift.

3. Pampering Mom

Most party goers will shower the unborn child with apparel, toys, books, and Sophies (way too many Sophies). But it's the truly special guest who brings something for the mother-to-be--you know, the uncomfortably pregnant lady who will be experiencing labor soon. A voucher for a massage, spa & beauty treatments, or a prenatal yoga class are a great way to ease her stress, as are bath bombs, a comfy maternity robe, or warm slippers or socks. An IOU for free post-partum babysitting is a great gift for mama (and daddy, too!); no, a diaper bag is not.

4. Gift Card or Gift Certificate

New parents are usually strapped for cash--or at least overwhelmed by all their new expenses. A gift card can be as practical as an online card for a megastore or as specific as a handwritten gift certificate from a boutique consignment store selling gently used children's clothing. No matter what you choose, be sure to include a note or sticker with the value on it.

5. Baby Blankets

As opposed to articles of clothing which last for only a few months, baby's first blanket can last for years--possibly even transitioning into a beloved blankie. Personalize it by having it monogrammed or embroidered with the baby's name (if you know it).

6. Swaddles

Though a baby will outgrow its swaddles, they are essential for the first few months of its life. Particularly useful are the Velcro and zippered versions, as they are easier to get on and keep baby cocooned better than traditional swaddle blankets. Parents can never have too many of these because babies will manage to wet multiple swaddles in a single night.

7. Scheduled Meals

New parents don't typically have time or energy to bathe, much less cook for themselves. Bring a printed calendar (or share an online scheduler) for shower guests to sign up for meal shifts--either specific dates or designated weeks to drop off home-cooked dishes easily prepared to eat.

8. Diapers

If you're lucky, the baby shower will not feature a depressing diaper cake centerpiece for all to gawk at. Still, diaper supplies are a real concern for expectant parents. Help them out with a starter kit from a diaper delivery service or a baby gift basket full of diapering supplies. Even better, pick up a case of their preferred brand the next time you make a Costco run.

9. That Which You Could Not Live Without

Seasoned parents are full of advice--a lot of it bad. Still, if you've survived babies of your own, you likely know that one new baby gift which every parent definitely needs. Is it a wipes warmer? A bunch of pacifiers? Battery-operated baby nail file? Whichever you decide is an indispensable part of a new parent's arsenal, include a note to explain how crucial it was for your baby-raising experience.

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