Sweet 21st Birthday Baskets

A 21st birthday is an American rite of passage that often commemorates adulthood with adult beverages, but that doesn't mean there is no room for other sweet treats. Add to the celebration with a birthday gift that can be shared by everyone, of any age. Cookies by Design offers cookie cakes, cookie decorating kits, cookie baskets, and cookie bouquets that can be personalized with names, images, or hallmarks of his or her favorite things--like sports. Our 21st birthday baskets are sure to make that special 21-year-old giddy.

21st birthday baskets

Birthday Cake Alternatives

Birthday cake alternatives are great ways to have some of the celebration delivered to college dorms, work, or home. These are easy-to-share without a major mess.

Feeling tipsy? No, that's just a sugar rush if your cocktail glass is a cookie made by Cookies by Design. 21st birthday baskets are headache free--for everybody. Want to stay in theme? Try the celebratory "Cheers" BouTray or Bouquet, which feature martini-glass shaped cookies.

Gigantic Cookie Cakes

You know that moment when you have bought the perfect cake, gotten it from the bakery and driven to the party just to find the frosting has suffered at every red light? A gigantic chocolate chip cookie decorated in the birthday girl or boy's favorite colors can be delivered right to their door for no mess and all the buttery, chocolatey sweetness to share. It's a gigantic 13" round cookie made with the best ingredients. Want even more fresh-baked fun? Try the cookie sheet--a 16.25 x 11.5 x 1.5-inch rectangle sheet cookie cake that fits bigger messages and bigger appetites.

Cookie Decorating Kit

To help create a fun, light-spirited birthday event, the cookie decorating kits bring people together to express just how colorful a celebration it is. The Birthday Decorating Kit comes in your choice of three icing colors and a selection of ten star and birthday cake shaped cookies to decorate.

21st birthday baskets and cookie delivery for dorm

Is the birthday boy or girl in a dorm or large workplace? Send them our Cookie Survival Kit or Deluxe Cookie Survival Kit. Each includes a choice of jelly bellies or mixed nuts and features a personalized message cookie. Both offer over two dozen party-pleasing treats. This box is a way to kickstart a party-even if you cannot be there in person.

Cookie Bouquets and Cookie Baskets

Cookie Bouquets have an incredible array of bright colors and shapes to fit the day. Pun it up with the "Birthday Hoot" bouquet that features a nest of edible owls.

Cookie baskets that make great 21st birthday gifts for him:

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach-and what could be sweeter than a basket full of cookies to tell him how special he has been to you?! Baked-in cheer fills these scrumptious Gift Baskets for Men. Choose from fun shapes like confetti and candles, sports items like soccer balls and golf clubs, emoticons, tools, barbecue, and bugs to make him laugh and keep him satisfied all through his big day. We also have ice cream cones, wine bottles, and grapes.

Cookie Bouquets That Make Great 21st Birthday Gifts for Her:

Why just send her flowers? Show her how sweet she is with a delicious bouquet of sugar cookies-or pick from one of our very special bouquets that include additional fabulous cookie flavors, like Red Velvet, Decadent Chocolate, or Millionaire. The Butterfly and Daisy Birthday BouTray will bring a bloom of color to her life and a smile to her mouth. Other bouquets feature hearts, flowers, tulips, daisies, stars, birthday cakes, and puppies. Look through all our "Gift Baskets for Her" for her special day, or any day.

A Photo Cookie Birthday Bouquet

A Photo Cookie Birthday Bouquet is a lovely way to deliver your favorite memory of that special 21-year old from their childhood, your friendship together, or any special time shared. Capture your affection with your favorite picture of them or commemorate time together with a photo of you both or the whole gang.

photo cookie 21st birthday basket

Say it With Cookies!

21st birthday baskets are some of the many ways Cookies by Design hopes to deliver joy to all your favorite occasions. Mom's day? Show her the memories and love she baked into your life with one of our beautiful gifts for mom.