How to Pick the Best Get Well Gift Baskets for Men

get well gift baskets for men

It's hard to find the right gift for a guy. Finding the right gift for a sick or recovering guy is even harder. Sure, you could make him a care package with cans of chicken soup and a book of Mad Libs, but that won't go very far to cheer him up. Since it's more than the thought that counts, better that you pick a few of these gift basket ideas for the guy who has everything... wrong with him.

Counter Boredom

In between naps and more naps is time spent with limited mobility, sparse company, and little stimulation. Keep his mind occupied with current magazines, the latest popular novel, a collection of Sudoku or crossword puzzles, even a season's worth of a TV show via digital download (you can gift episodes from Apple iTunes Store and Amazon Video) he can watch on his tablet or computer. And since laughter is the best medicine, make the gift something funny.

Familiar Touches

If he's bedridden at the hospital, he's in a sterile room with nothing but blank walls to stare at. Bring him a few things from his home like his pillow, a favorite t-shirt or coffee mug, or plant to help him feel more at home. Even if he's cooped up at his own place, he will appreciate a few more framed photos of friends and families to counteract the loneliness.

A Bit of Luxury

Hospital-issued apparel is cheap and uncomfortable. Upgrade him to a soft robe, warm socks, and some new underwear to make his stay less miserable. If he's home, send over some TLC in the form of a visit from a massage therapist or cleaning service.

Forgotten Items

Spoil the surprise and go for straight-up practicality by asking him what he needs--he likely forgot a few day-to-day necessities he would like to have with him at the hospital or could use a few things from the drugstore or grocery if he's at home. Check in about his shave kit, medications, lip balm, tissues, or other everyday items he may not have on-hand.

Gift Cards

Original? No. Practical, convenient, and useful? Absolutely. Being sick or injured is expensive. And while a fat stack of cash in an envelope might seem gauche, everyone appreciates gift cards for places they typically shop at to help save them money. Even better, online gift cards can be purchased and delivered instantly to him via email no matter where he's convalescing.

Tasty Treats

Hospital meals are barely edible. And if he's home, he's not likely to be doing much in the kitchen. Baked goods are a treat he and his visitors will enjoy. Colorfully decorated cookies say "Get Well Soon" better than a sappy greeting card.

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