The 8 Best Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Every year you struggle to find the perfect gift for your mom on Mother's Day--and every year you default to a bunch of flowers. Rather than boring her again this year, why not send her something a bit more personal she'll really appreciate? Here are the best Mother's Day gift baskets for all the special mamas in your life.

Cookie Basket

A BouTray combines yummy hand-decorated iced cookies with a tray of premium assorted specialty gourmets. Forget what day it is? Lucky for you, Cookies By Design can do same day gifts.

Love for Mom Cookie BouTray from Cookies By Design

Build-a-Bear Cookie Basket

Cookies By Design is partnering with the Build-a-Bear Workshop--and the results are as cute as they are delicious. For Mother's Day, the popular Love for Mom cookie bouquet of decorated MOM- and heart-shaped cookies gets an additional dose of sweetness via a teddy bear sporting an "I love you" t-shirt. Nothing quite says "Thank You Mom" like an edible bouquet. (Unless it's an edible bouquet with a stuffed bear inside.)

Build-a-Bear Love-a-Mom Cookie Bouquet from Cookies By Design

Luxury Spa Basket

Mothering is no easy feat--you've undoubtedly taxed your poor ma's mind, body, and soul over the years. Soothe at least her physical self with a home spa day. This gift set includes a minimum of 12 bath and beauty items: bath/shower gel; bath salts; green tea clay mask; walnut body scrub; hand/body lotion; massage/body oil; lavender soap; a headband; an aromatherapy candle; a relaxation CD; a "Spa Magic" book; and a scented pillow. It's perfect for the stressed-out women in your life, i.e., every woman.

Spa Gift Basket for Women from Blissful Balance

Candle Basket

Nothing conjures up thoughts of vacation quite like the scents of the beach. And since it's still a month or so away before it's appropriate to book a trip to the coast, fragrant candles may be the next best thing. This collection features candles called Beach Walk and Sunset Breeze, both intended to bring the ocean air directly to you. A third candle, Dreamy Summer Nights, will have you ready for Memorial Day--and Memorial Day gift basket ideas!

Watercolor Basket from Yankee Candle

Golf Lover's Basket

OK, so this one isn't technically a basket--but isn't an insulated bag a bit more practical than some woven wicker? This celebrity designer bag comes with a hodgepodge of gifts for the mom who loves to putt. There's a visor, a pair of socks, a pack of novelty tees, a sleeve of golf balls, a visor clip, and a stroke counter. The cooler bag itself comes in either navy or pink and will easily fit loads of pencils.

Isaac Mizrahi Ladies Golf/Tennis Cooler Tote Combo from Lori's Golf Shoppe

Coffee Lover's Basket

You can hardly ever go wrong with coffee. This gourmet coffee gift basket comes with 9 samples of 100% Arabica coffee (each sample makes approximately 6-8 cups of coffee) as well as a Coffee Beanery travel mug. All coffee is small-batch roasted in Flushing, Michigan and is ground for Automatic Drip coffee makers. If you're good, perhaps your mother will let you have some of the Guatemalan Hueheutenango Fair Trade coffee.

Specialty Coffee Gift Basket from the Coffee Beanery

Chef's Basket

Again, this isn't technically a basket--it's actually a 13-piece prep set--but it has all the kitchen basics that your mother needs replaced, most likely, and can easily fit in the basket of your choosing. The set includes whisks, a spoon spatula, a strainer, 4 measuring cups, and 5 measuring spoons. You can even get fancy and order an actual Chef Basket to put everything in when you present it to her.

KitchenAid 13-Piece Prep Set from Crate&Barrel

Tea Lover's Basket

Admittedly, not everyone drinks coffee--so if your mother is the tea-drinking type, this is the gift basket for her. This cute assortment of teas and tea supplies is intended to help your intended recipient relax: the teas are herbal and caffeine-free, and the chamomile tea even has "Nights" in its name. The other teas are peppermint and "Mellow Moments." The included English-style 2-cup teapot will come to life! Or at least it will hold hot water.

Relax Gift Basket with Teas, Teapot and Honey from Stash Tea

Coloring Books Basket

Be it ever so trendy, there's nothing quite as luxurious as spending time coloring. Help your mom relieve stress and anxiety (really!) with the gift of coloring books. In addition to 2 adult coloring books and colored pencils, the basket contains a few comfort food snacks. Do let your mother know that it's quite all right to color outside the lines.

Art Therapy - Adult Coloring Book Gift Basket available from Amazon