The Best Gifts for Dads Under $50

Whether you're looking for unique Father's Day Gifts or ideas for retirement gifts for Dad, there's something here that won't stress your bank account. Both your papa and your wallet will appreciate these dad gift ideas--all available online for less than half a hundo.

Cookie Basket

If "sweet and salty" perfectly describes either your father's personality or his taste preferences, this gift basket is for you. (Actually, it's for him.) Send him one dozen gourmet cookies--including white chocolate macadamia/pecan, red velvet, and good ol' chocolate chip--accompanied by two packages of specialty nuts and a decorated sugar cookie to tell him you're nuts about him, literally. Pun--avoidant? Try the First Place Dad Basket (pictured) instead, starting at $39.99.

$37.99 from Cookies By Design

Amazon Fire Tablet

Your dad shouldn't be spending all day staring at his smartphone, so get him an affordable tablet to stare at instead. The 7-inch Fire gets as much as seven hours of battery life on a single charge--enough for him to get through half of a "Great British Bake Off" season. If he's not quite sure what to do with the device, just tell him it has Facebook.

$49.99 from Amazon

Roku Express

Yet another technology that may slightly baffle the old man, streaming media is really not all that complicated once you've connected the player to his TV for him. The Roku Express, for one, will get him onto Netflix and Hulu and browsing and searching for TV shows and movies quicker than you can say, "Can you turn the volume down, please?"

$29.99 from Roku

Beard Maintenance Kit

Every Father's Day gifts guide includes a shaving kit--but does your dad even shave? For those men who keep it scruffy (or longer), the Ultimate Beard Maintenance Starter Kit comes with wash, conditioner, and a comb to help keep facial hair comfortable and kempt. So really, it's a gift for Mom, as well.

$40 from Grooming Lounge


Explain to your father how wireless theft is a thing, that criminals can scan for and steal credit card numbers and ID info from chips in the cards he carries in his pocket. Then present him with the Club of wallets--the Ridge Polycarbonate Wallet. This slim carrier is an expandable card holder that blocks the RFID that could make his stuff vulnerable while still keeping his cash strapped down.

$45 from Ridge Wallet


No, we're not suggesting you give your dad a pair of socks--we're suggesting you give him a subscription of socks. With a Nice Laundry subscription, Dad will receive seven pairs of stylish and seasonally appropriate socks every three months. And while that�s not enough to replace all of the sweat socks he still wears with dress shoes, it will definitely help.

$49 from Nice Laundry

Drink Coasters

Golf gifts for dad can be hit-or-miss. This Father's Day, give your dad something a bit more subtle than a golfing cap--like these golf-themed natural stone and cork coasters. Each coaster is made of tile and features a golf term (eagle, birdie, bogey, etc.,). Your golf-loving, drink-drinking father may finally come around to feeling you're on par with him.

$22.50 from Etsy/DandWstonecrafts

Vintage Baseball Cap

Don't forget about gifts for your father-in-law! Remind him of his childhood obsession with baseball with a throwback cap. Just be sure to check with your partner as to his team of choice or you could wind up eating the hat.

$29 from American Needle

Dopp Kit

Invariably, your dad already has a dopp kit�or at least a Ziploc freezer bag he takes his toothpaste and contact solution in when he travels. Upgrade him with something a little more dependable. This dopp bag is made of silicone and is leak-resistant inside and out.

$39.50 from Wurkin Stiffs

Water Bottle

Impart to your dad how important it is to drink more water with a bottle that will remind him to drink more water. The MyHydrate smart hydration system is a 26-ounce bottle with a sensor in the cap to track how much water gets consumed in a 24-hour period. If he forgets to drink, either a beep, blinking light, or combination of both will alert him to his negligence.

$39.99 from MyHyrdate

Phone Case/Wallet

Should a wallet alone seem too cliche a gift for dad, consider the combo phone case/wallet--a means for him to keep his iPhone screen from shattering in a fall as well as to streamline his Costanzian wallet contents to a manageable inventory. These Sena cases are actual leather and come in black, cognac, and denim--all the better to match his dad jeans.

$44.95 from Sena