The Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery

There's something about actually SENDING gifts on Christmas that just makes you feel--good. Santa Claus does all the hard work to place gifts under the tree, so it's nice to be able to fill in for some of his elves and be a surprise sender.

It-s probably the greatest thing about gift baskets and gifting by mail in general: Nobody ever expects to get them, so when they do arrive the recipient can't help but smile. And if it's Christmas time, all the better.

But without question, certain items are just more geared for under the Christmas tree than the U.S. mail system. You probably already know what these items are: toys, clothing, electronics. None of the above are very well-suited as send-by-mail Christmas gifts, and that's because you have to think of the FEELING of the gift -- the message you're sending -- as much as the practicality of it.

Sentimentally speaking, the experience of sending and receiving a gift via mail is totally different from that of handing one over in person or placing it under the Christmas tree.

Almost much as a rule, Christmas gifts sent by mail need to be:


Heartfelt (or at least heartwarming)


Okay -- this is a tall feat. It may be hard to hit on all three of the above, but if you can get two out of three you'll definitely be in good shape, and both you and your "giftee" will be feeling the Christmas spirit.

If you're in need of some ideas for deliverable Christmas gifts, here are our top choices based on the above factors and on that fourth factor we're all trying to capture and hold onto from some time in November through early January: Christmas joy.

1. Wine

Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery: Wine
Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery: Wine

Red wine, of course -- for the cold weather (or at least the IDEA of cold weather) -- and something more potent than a Chianti. Send a Pinot Noir or a nice Spanish Sherry. The stronger the wine, the more your recipient will be appreciating you after a few glasses.

Here's the thing about wine and why it's make for such a great, deliverable Christmas gift:

The person receiving it will most likely have never tried or even heard of the particular bottle you sent -- and that's because there are simply way too many wines out there. The wine market is super saturated, but super saturation provides an opportunity to be unique. The idea of thoughtfulness is built into uniqueness - because it gives the impression that you actually put some serious thought into choosing this particular wine.

Wine: unique, heartwarming (literally), and about as old as humanity itself. It can't get any more Christmas-ier.

2. Chocolate

Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery: Chocolate
Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery: Chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate. Seriously. Have you ever met someone who doesn't love chocolate? If so, can you please send us their name so that we can have a talk with them?

In sending chocolate you are essentially sending people a legal, healthy drug in the mail. Apart from Chocolate's pleasurable sugar high and well-known health benefits, there's just something very "holidays" about chocolate. It's rich. It's dark. You eat it. You feel better. Win. Win. Win. Win. Just remember to splurge a little and go for something high end. And don't just get the regular milk chocolate. Go exotic. Go super rich. Something like chocolate truffles works. It's Christmas after all -- give your recipient the license to indulge.

3. Bathables

Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery: Bathables 
Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery: Bathables

Is that even a word? Well' it is now. In "bathables" we include anything you luxuriate in pre-, during, or post- bath. This means soaps, gels, shampoos, conditioners, creams, moisturizers, balms and basically anything that uses the words "renew", "invigorate", and/or "infuse" on its label.

Bathables ship and package well, but far more importantly they capture the essence of Christmas and the holidays by smelling good and providing a valuable tool for comfort and relaxation. You may not actually be going to a luxury resort for your Christmas break, but if you want to be feeling like you are, the quickest and easiest route there is a nice body lotion that smells like it's been harvested from an Irish fjord.

4. Comfort Food

Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery: Cookies
Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery: Cookies

No -- of course you're not going to ship someone a homemade lasagna' BUT: you can ship homemade cookies. We're partial to cookies, of course. But' stepping back for a moment, when you think about comfort food, cookies pretty much check all the boxes, or let's just say they check the main box: they make you feel good.

And if you can customize or personalize them in some way, all the better because you'll be adding the unique factor. Let's face it: a chocolate chip cookie is a chocolate chip is a chocolate chip cookie. But a cookie bouquet of puppy dog faces (for your puppy-loving friend or relative) or a Merry Christmas bouquet complete with a Santa Claus, a snowman, two reindeer, a Christmas tree, and a candy cane (a candy cane cookie), delivered same-day to ensure their sugary homemade goodness is enjoyed to its fullest extent, well, we'd say that's kind of a Christmas mini-miracle.

5. Blankets

Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery: Blankets
Best Christmas Gifts for Delivery: Blankets

This one may seem a little out of left field. Blankets? Isn-t that a little, well- boring? Yes and no. Yes -- there isn't much to a blanket besides the way it feels. No -- nobody is really expecting to receive a blanket in the mail as a Christmas gift, which adds to the element of surprise, and then a few weeks down the line, after they've used it night after night to warm themselves in front of the TV or as they read a good book, or for an extra layer of warmth while sleeping at night, they'll soon realize that a blanket is an unexpectedly quintessential Christmas gift. Like the wine, the chocolate, the bathables, and the cookies, blankets warm your heart and make you feel good, and whoever sent it to you will be at least in the back of your mind every time you use it, their arms wrapped around you in a telepathic embrace of Christmas joy and warmth. Plus - blankets are just one of those things that everyone always needs more of.