The Best Boy Gifts for New Parents

best boy giftsBabies don't eat cookies. We know that. They are not quite there yet, but we also know how bustling a home becomes when there is a lovable little new bundle. It is hard to be a good host, let alone take a moment to bake. Mom and dad have their hands full. But the pure and simple pleasure of a batch of sugar cookies truly fits the sweetness of the time--and makes an ideal gift delivered to the home. Guests are plentiful. And, a gift of decorated specialty sugar cookies is especially good for older siblings, who will easily enjoy a little special sweetness parents are too busy to bake or get to a bakery for. Sending cookies is not just sweet, it's a gift for the whole household.

The best boy gifts for expected or newborn babies can be a treat for everyone with these colorful baby boy gift baskets baked fresh and delivered to the door:

Bouncin' Baby Boy

Bouncin' Baby Boy BouTray, Cookie Bouquet, and Cookie Baskets are various sizes and cookie types. Each features up to a dozen signature sugar cookies in bouncin' boy designs in a blue motif. BouTray and Cookie Basket options also feature an array of our other delicious, non-frosted cookies. Like most of Cookie by Design's gift baskets, you can personalize the message cookie for an extra-special "welcome home".

Photo Cookie Bouquet - Baby Blocks

New parents often send photos of the newborn bundle over text, email, and social media. Use one of those received photos to create a heartwarming addition to the Baby Blocks Cookie Bouquet. This will be a treasured treat sure to leave a lasting impression.

best newborn boy gifts delivered

A Star is Born

The Star Arrival line of Boutrays, Cookie Baskets, and Cookie Bouquets is an adorable way to shine a light on the bouncin boy occupying center stage. This motif features smiling stars and nighty-night moons for the coziest of wishes.

Animal Babies

It may sometimes be a jungle out there, but inside these Animal Babies bouquets of wildly cute animal cookies are cheery ways to celebrate the lush wonder of childhood. best boy giftsGreat for boys, but also an adorably cute kids gift for anyone. Get your mini-naturalist started with playful monkeys, exhilarating zebras, and gentle giraffes. What child doesn't love animals?!


From Cookies by Design's Build-a-Bear Workshop collection, comes this bouncin' boy bouquet that provides one of the tried and true best boy gifts for baby and freshly baked cookies for the rest of the family. Build-a-Bear Baby Blocks for Boys bouquet features a soft and cuddly 16" teddy bear in a baby blue striped onesie. Surrounding this huggable, lovable bear are your choice of 6 or 8 freshly baked and decorated sugar cookies with a personalized message.

Delivered Fresh Cookies Delivered to The Family Doorstep

No stork required for this delivery. Online baby gifts are a great way to send a present when you are far away or a considerate way to allow some peace to the exhausted parents while letting them know you care.